TFT Loaded Dice: A Deep Dive into the Item’s Impact in Teamfight Tactics

1. Understanding the TFT Loaded Dice:

The Loaded Dice is a Spatula-based item in TFT that adds a layer of unpredictability to your item selection process. When equipped, the Loaded Dice allows you to select from the carousel at the start of each round. This means you have more control over the champions you acquire, but there’s a catch—lower odds of getting high-tier items.

2. The Mechanics of Loaded Dice:

When you equip the Loaded Dice, your item drop rate undergoes a significant change. Here’s a basic breakdown:

Champion Selection: At the carousel rounds, you can select the champion you desire, potentially securing key units for your composition.

Item Odds: The Loaded Dice reduces the drop rate of high-tier items in the game, making it more challenging to acquire powerful items as the match progresses.

3. Strategies for Using Loaded Dice:

The Loaded Dice adds a layer of complexity to your TFT strategy, and here are some considerations when deciding to use it:

Composition Focus: The Loaded Dice is particularly beneficial if you are pursuing a specific composition or synergy, as it allows you to secure essential champions early.

Early Versus Late Game: Decide whether to use the Loaded Dice early to secure crucial early-game champions or wait for later rounds to reduce the risk of missing out on high-tier items.

Risk Assessment: Evaluate the trade-off between champion selection and item quality. Are the champions you’re getting worth sacrificing potentially powerful items?

4. Loaded Dice and RNG:

TFT is a game where randomness and chance are inherent elements. The Loaded Dice introduces an element of player agency in the face of RNG by allowing you to steer the direction of your composition. However, it’s essential to remember that item drops are still subject to chance, and relying solely on the Loaded Dice can lead to a lack of powerful items in the late game.

5. Impact on TFT Gameplay:

Dynamic Choices: It encourages dynamic decision-making during carousel rounds, leading to interesting in-game scenarios.

Strategic Depth: It adds depth to TFT strategy, as players must weigh the value of specific champions against the potential loss of powerful items.

Risk Versus Reward: The Loaded Dice epitomizes the risk-versus-reward concept, offering a potential edge while introducing the risk of weaker late-game itemization.

6. Considerations for Loaded Dice Users:

If you decide to incorporate the Loaded Dice into your TFT gameplay, here are some additional considerations:

Economic Management: You may need to manage your gold economy carefully to maintain flexibility and adapt to various in-game situations.

Versatility: Be prepared to adapt your strategy if you don’t acquire the items you need for your chosen composition.

Lobby Awareness: Keep an eye on your opponents to adjust your Loaded Dice usage strategy, as your decisions may vary depending on the lobby’s strength and your competition.

7. The Community’s Take on Loaded Dice:

The Loaded Dice has sparked numerous discussions and debates within the TFT community. Opinions on its usefulness vary, and some players embrace it for its strategic depth, while others prefer to rely on traditional item drops.


The TFT Loaded Dice is a fascinating item that has added a layer of complexity and strategy to the game. It empowers players to influence their champion selection during carousel rounds, allowing for the potential creation of powerful compositions. However, the risk of reduced high-tier item drops makes Loaded Dice a high-stakes choice.

As TFT continues to evolve and new sets are introduced, the role of the Loaded Dice and its impact on gameplay may change. It’s important for players to consider their personal playstyle and strategy when deciding to use the Loaded Dice and to remain adaptable in the face of TFT’s ever-changing landscape.

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